When looking to buy new clubs going to a practice net for a fit is not the correct way! You need to be able to see the ball flight, its shape, how much run out you are getting, this information can not be accurately predicted in the 1.3 seconds it takes for the ball to leave the club face and hit the net in front of you. You don't test drive a new car in the showrooms carpark so don't purchase a set of clubs based on a few swings in a net. 

Come into store today to take up our FREE club members club assessment with Danny. Appointments available 7 days a week.

Are you not playing to your full potential? Wondering if your clubs are set correctly for you? Then why not come in and talk to Danny- with nearly 1000 golfers fitted for clubs over the past 10years, take advantage of his expertise for FREE.

The assessment will include 
  • Club Speed Check
  • Ball Speed Check
  • Lie Angle Check
  • Grip Size Check
All of these can and will make a huge difference to your game, when they are correct. Can you afford to not take up this great opportunity? Again it is FREE.

Contact the Pro Shop to book in. Available 7 days.